The Plus Ergo Grip is specifically designed to complement the Wacom Pens and was created with the digital artist in mind.  Knowing that a digital artist can spend long hours on the Wacom tablet we endeavored to create a more ergonomic experience.  We've simply designed a better more comfortable grip.



Softer for Improved Grip


The Plus Ergo Grip is made from a soft and supportive silicone.  Although the grip is soft it has enough firmness to prevent fatigue. The silicone has a supple texture which creates traction for better control.



Asymmetrical Design

The Plus Ergo Grip is asymmetrically designed to allow for variances in the grip. By having a variety of holding position the Plus Ergo Grip allows the user to avoid fatigue.  Gentle ridges were thoughtfully created to rest the forefinger.  The more ways to grip the better.  



A Relaxed Wider Grip


The Plus Ergo Grip is approximately twice as wide as the standard Wacom grip. A greater girth reduces pressure making it conducive to a more relaxed hand.